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Oklahoma Is Picked As New Location

Cache Oklahoma is the new location for the Comanche gaming property. All the details have been finalized, with the groundbreaking ceremony taking place a few weeks back. 

The community is around 100 miles southwest of Oklahoma City. Construction is underway, and it is expected to finish by the end of the year, or early next year. The completed building will honor the tribe’s cultural heritage, leaders, and history.

The gaming property will measure 17,000-square-foot. It is scheduled to officially open December 31st of this year. The gaming property will include 250 gaming machines.

The tribal leaders have been planning this project for several years. Located in Lawton, Comanche Nation Entertainment overseas tribal casino and hotel-casino properties in southwestern Oklahoma. The company is under the ownership of the Comanche Nation. 

Cultural Heritage 

One of the main points of the gaming property is to recognize the cultural heritage of the Comanche Nation. Lots of history and culture will be on display. More significantly, the property will recognize the contributions of Chief Quanah Parker. 

He was known as the principal chief of the Comanche Nation. His reign started in the 1800s. He was in the forefront of the battles in the Red River War. History suggests that these conflicts were as a result of non-Indians hunting bison. An act which brought the animal to near extinction. The Chief later surrendered, and led his people to settle in the reservation at Oklahoma’s Fort Sill. 

Chief Quanah Parker was known as the “ Last Chief of the Comanche.” He also acted as the rep of Native Americans to the US government. When he died in 1911, he was laid to rest at Chief’s Knoll at Fort Sill. 

 noted the history of the tribe in and around Cache.

“We have culture and long tradition in the town. Comanches have been here long before the state became a state,” said Comanche Nation Entertainment CEO Mia Tahdooahnippah 

“Quanah Parker’s original home site … is just a few miles right behind me up the street,” Tahdooahnippah said at the groundbreaking ceremony. “So, it’s a really special place to the Comanche Tribe.”

The tribe is very popular in the region, with various casinos under its ownership. 

The tribe’s casinos have endured shuttering owing to various issues such as major plumbing problems and of course the pandemic. 

“We would like to thank the Comanche Business Committee for making a difficult decision to help our community,” Tahdooahnippah said during last year’s shuttering. “This is just historic for our state, our tribe, and our world.”

“This impacts the tribe, the area. It’s felt globally,” Tahdooahnippah was quoted by the Constitution. “We’ve had shutdowns before for a day or two due to weather issues, but never anything like this before.”

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