Norfolk Casino application

No Casino Application For The City Of Norfolk

The City of Norfolk don’t have any application in front of it for a casino or racetrack  in Norfolk. Despite the uncertainty, there is still growing news that an application is forth coming. 

With different proposals to build casinos and construct racetracks across various parts of Nebraska, lots of people hope that Norfolk will have its own proposal soon. On current standings, there are proposals to build casinos and racetracks in Bellevue, and York. There are already plans for a racetrack and casino at Columbus. The estimated opening date is the first quarter of 2022. 

According to sources close to the project, the casino will work all year long, while the track will host a live race or two yearly. 

Norfolk Casino application
Norfolk Casino application

The Nebraska State Gaming Commission is set to sit and discuss the potential plans in the coming weeks. The commission which handles horse racing in Nebraska will have a series of meetings soon, 

One corporation placing its name in the hat is Ho-Chunk Inc. The corporation with origins from the Winnebago Tribe, wants to manage casinos in Lincoln and Omaha under the WarHorse Gaming LCC. 

In regards to Norfolk, the city council will vote on the redevelopment of a proposed site that includes an area owned by Ho-Chunk. 

At the start of last month, the council met to vote on the redevelopment area in western Norfolk following several complains from the public. Several residents presented their concerns relating to the development area. 

Most of the concerns revolved around the rumors that Ho-Chunk plans to construct a casino in its lot. At the meeting the council mentioned it was only considering the possibility to blight the aforementioned area. 

“This, in and of itself, is the first step toward development,” said Andy Colvin, city administrator. “It, by itself, doesn’t really do anything.”

Should the city council vote in favor to blight the area, and then redevelopers could get extra financing for their projects. 

The public have aired their concerns in the last few weeks. Among them is John Dinkel a Norfolk resident. 

“That parcel happens to be the north property line of what Ho-Chunk just bought,” Dinkel said. “It seems to be a little bit of a coincidence that the line matches what they just bought.”

Dinkel insists the location is a bad choice for casino project due to its closeness to a residential area. Dinkel concludes that there are other locations that the council can take advantage of rather than this current location abuts a residential area. 


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